HashPhotos - Download on the App Store


by MetalHead44 on 17 Feb 2017

Great Photos app replacement!

HashPhotos is what the built-in iOS Photos app should have been. You can customize the look/features of the app to suit your needs. This app has a ton of features and can replace many other photo apps you already have. Also, the in-app purchases are definitely worth the price. The photo compare feature, alone, is a unique and amazing feature worth every penny. You can edit the time/location for photos, easily find large pics/videos taking up a lot of space, view metadata(can't edit it though), and so much more.

Developers, please add the ability to edit/view the direction a photo is taken(like Metapho) and allow us to edit exif/iptc data. Also, we can't change the start and end times for slow motion in slow motion videos... though I'm not sure if this is a limitation of Apple's api's or not. With those features, HashPhotos would be perfect.

HashPhotos is constantly being updated and improved with new features, making this a unique and great app unlike any other app on the AppStore.


United States