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by P.mousse Esq. on 05 May 2017

What Apple's Photos should have been

Why Apple doesn't want to make photo dimensions available has long puzzled me, but HashPhotos will even let you display the numbers on the thumbnail. The thumbnail is customizable in other ways, too: choose from several sizes and whether you prefer square or original proportions. Make a wide range of edits, add notes and annotations, create duplicates. Those features alone would put this in a league beyond the native app. But that's only a sample of its capabilities. Almost every time I think, "if it could only do this..." I discover that it does. Group albums in folders. View histograms. The list goes on.

Many of these features require a one-time purchase (no subscription, fortunately!), but the cost is quite reasonable. Now if only Apple would allow us to access our images through other apps, I could bypass Photos completely.


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